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Four Walls –  the sky is the limit


Cadenza Visioni is a joyful celebration of scupturelike pieces and upholstery with artistic elements.

A brand is born

The company’s name, as you may have noticed, has a musical element in it, because ‘Cadenza’ in music means a free improvisation at the end of a Concerto, showcasing all the creative power,  inspiration and instrumental ability of an artist.

The brand’s philosophy is to create meaningful designs, matched by a highly professional production process.


From music to sculptures to paintings to furniture

Annette Wernick is the Founder of Cadenza Visioni and the Designer of the brand’s furniture as well as the Interior Projects.

Annette’s past reflects her passions: she gave piano recitals and played some of the most famous piano concertos with orchestra. 

That’s why the idea of the ‘Cadenza’ at the end of a concerto is so dear to her, because it shows the soloist’s instrumental ability and freedom to express it.

After many years as a pianist, Annette did turn to her other passions: Art and Design.


Made by hand in Portugal, Cadenza Visioni’s pieces honour the heritage of craftsmanship, while drawing inspiration from history’s most influential artistic periods. They  are made of the finest fabrics such as cotton velvet or leather, eucalyptus wood or metal details, sumptious gold or copper leaf finishes.

We are commited in delivering the highest standard in furniture making, in order to create a beautiful and timeless design for your living spaces.

A tribute to the bliss of giving form to an inspiration that interacts with everyone who contemplates and feels it.