Wallboxes ‘Fold-It’

Fold-it, Fix-it! These boxes with the prominent Foldart Pattern can be fixed on the wall or placed on a desk or pedestal. They are an eyecatcher in every room and can be used as a small storage space. Colors? Choose what you like! 3d pattern: by courtesy of ‘Foldart’ (Germany)

Shelf ‘Foldy’

A decorative wall element that catches the eye. Is it an artwork or a shelf? 3d pattern: by courtesy of ‘Foldart’ (Germany)

Stool ‘Noche Dorada’

This oriental dream in black and gold can be used as a seat or as a very decorative piece in your living room or your bedroom. This luxurious stool has the shape of an eight-pointed star and features a 3d-pattern that is varnished with a gold leaf finish. The rest of the stool is upholstered […]

Sideboard ‘1001 Nights’

This sideboard, all in gold and black, had been designed with passionate fairy tales and lush gardens in mind. The piece itself is of a simple rectangular shape, but the eye will be blinded by the gold leaf finish on the pattern. A dream – not only in gold, but in other colors too. Imagine […]

Sideboard ‘Cobre Amore’

The soloist of this brilliant piece is the 3-dimensional pattern on the two front drawers. A luxurious copper finish has been applied on it, whereas the rest of that inspirational sideboard is in MDF and varnished with metal paint. 3d pattern: by courtesy of ‘Foldart’ (Germany)

Sidetable ‘Petite’

‘Petite’ is unique, with its small sized 3d-pattern that goes around all eight of its sides. It looks fresh, young, daring and ready to play an important part in your home! Choose the colors you like!