Chair ‘Akira’

Classic, contemporary, comfortable – ‘Akira’ is great as a dining chair or as a single chair at a writing desk. Tell us what fabric you prefer and what wood you like most.

Sideboard ‘Icicle’

As the ‘Icicle’ table, this sideboard has been created with freezing temperatures and icicles in mind. It has been designed for a small lodge in the mountains, but you can always change the dimensions. The Eucalyptus wood feels nice and soft and the metal paint on the ‘icicles’ creates a great contrast to it.

Sofa ‘Cosy’

Imagine a winter evening and it’s freezing outside…… ‘Cosy’ has been inspired by the mountain world where one is surrounded by wood, fur, snugness and warmth. This sofa has been created for a lodge project in the Swiss Alps. Its special feature is a fur ornament that decorates the back of the sofa. Cushions in […]

Table ‘Loop’

‘Loop’ is a dining table with a strong character and you will fall in love with it. This is a very comfortable furniture piece, given the soft surface in Eucalyptus wood and the good sized legroom. The base features a lacquered element that is shaped like a simple loop. You may choose other types of […]

Table ‘Icicle’

Hanging icicles during cold winter times have been the inspiration for this unique dining table. It features a jagged shape on the top lacquered with metal paint that stands in contrast to the soft eucalyptus wood. Many material options and sizes possible, please contact us!

Sideboard ‘Zuma I’

‘Zuma I’ is a character piece and can be ordered in many different colors. Its perfect place is on a wall, whereas its sister ‘Zuma II’ has been designed to be placed in the middle of a room.

Sideboard ‘Zuma II’

The 8-sided star was the inspiration for that console and ‘Zuma’ proves that furniture has not to be dull. It can be placed in the middle of a room or in front of a window as you wish, but it will always attract attention!

Cabinet ‘Katachi’

The special feature of that cabinet is a curtain that can be opened and closed to both sides. It is the perfect piece for a hall, a kitchen or a bar and a useful storing cabinet. A contemporary design with a touch of retro, and comes for you in many possible colors.

Coffeetable ‘Forma’

‘Forma’ is a handsome coffeetable in lacquered MDF and inspired by the 8-pointed star. Are you a lover of big books, candles and more stuff plus coffee and cake? There is enough space for all of it. Many colors possible, please ask!

Small Table ‘Itai’

Here is a table that wants to be seen …… Give it a special place in your room and in your heart. Let’s go zigzag while having tea and cake or a glass of wine, right? Choose your color, we will be happy to help you!