Annette Wernick Designer Cadenza Visioni

Annette Wernick

Annette Wernick is the Founder of Cadenza Visioni and the Designer of the brand’s furniture as well as the Interior Projects.

She has a lifelong passion for all things visual, but she first studied Music and became a concert pianist. Thus music was her main occupation for many years, but during that time she also began to create not only artworks like sculptures and collages, but also small interior objects. At a certain point in her  life, she decided to dedicate herself entirely to Interior and Furniture Design, which in her eyes is a combination of artistic vision, knowledge and the search for practical solutions. In a way, it is applied art and inspired by so many fields of life.

After graduating with the Master Degree in Florence, Italy, she created Interiors as well as her first small collection of furniture pieces.

The company’s name, as you may have noticed, has a musical element in it, because ‘Cadenza’ in music means a free improvisation at the end of a Concerto, showcasing all the creative power,  inspiration and instrumental ability of an artist.