Chair ‘Akira’

This Dining Chair in Eucalyptus Wood has been designed by Annette Wernick

Classic, contemporary, comfortable – ‘Akira’ is great as a dining chair or as a single chair at a writing desk. Tell us what fabric you prefer and what wood you like most.

Sofa ‘Cosy’

Just arrived from the factory: Sofa 'Cozy' by Annette Wernick

Imagine a winter evening and it’s freezing outside…… ‘Cosy’ has been inspired by the mountain world where one is surrounded by wood, fur, snugness and warmth. This sofa has been created for a lodge project in the Swiss Alps. Its special feature is a fur ornament that decorates the back of the sofa. Cushions in […]

Office Chair ‘Takumi’

If you have to work long hours at a desk, this is the ideal working chair for you. And if you need a boost for creativity and perseverance, the colorful fabric will help! Many possible fabrics, please ask.

Lounge Chair ‘Listras’

With its unusual leather stripes, that small lounge chair will be the focal point of any sitting area, be it in a private or a public space. Let your imagination go wild: choose a fabric for the upholstery and choose a color for the leather stripes!

Lounge Chair ‘Riko’

Relax or read….. This Lounger has the same design as the dining chair ‘Nobu’ and the barstool ‘Izumi’. Together they form the perfect trio. Now it’s your turn: choose your fabric or take it as it is!

Dining Chair ‘Nobu’

This dining chair corresponds to the Barstool ‘Izumi’ and should be on your wish list when decorating your dining room. It’s very comfortable and with its soft colors and materials a great addition to your home.

Barstool ‘Izumi’

If you want elegance in your kitchen, this barstool will be perfect for you. The material is soft and very comfortable. The brass legs interact with the golden cross on the front. Love to invite friends, drink and talk? Choose your material!