First, we compose a visual symphony with colors, textures and shapes. Then we let the elements unfold with inspiration and virtuosity, giving your space the special touch which will make it unique.

un-branded by nature

Our furniture brand reflects the Cadenza philosophy: the unfoldment of ideas in unexpected ways. It means new turns and outlooks on our future path and -who knows- even some change of style.


All our furniture is made by highly trained professionals to deliver products of excellency in terms of innovation, craftsmanship and exclusivity. All furniture can be customized to meet your special needs. Please contact us for any questions you have!

We create Interiors

Let us help you to get a fresh look at your Interior spaces and create for you a new environment which adapts to the needs of the moment. Our human lives are never static – and so are our Interior spaces!

Wall Console 'Octet 1' - Cadenza Visioni - Furniture Design

It’s all about emotions!

Thoughts and feelings are transformed into design objects which then create emotions. We want you to feel good in your rooms, surrounded by high quality furniture and an Interior Design that reflects comfort, style and inspiration.

Furniture Brand Cadenza Visioni